Reviews and Press for Carisma

New Italian bistro for former Eglinton Ave. restaurateur

"A classic Italian eatery."

Carisma is Italian for "can-do"

"Impeccable, hands-on service, as warm as a goose-down duvet."
The Toronto Star

Carisma continues a legacy of seductive traditional Italian food

"Something you'd find in Florence or the Tuscan countryside."
The Globe and Mail

James Chatto's review of Carisma

"[Carisma] epitomizes the concept of accoglienza, the warm, welcoming hospitality that Italians may have invented and still do so well."

Carisma is like a little black dress

"Sexy, stylish and classic."

Toronto Life: Carisma

"High-end Italian food with an emphasis on service."
Toronto Life

Jamie Sarner's review of Carisma

"One of the best Italian restaurants in the city."

The Perfect Date

"Carisma is such a beautiful little hidden gem... It is quaint, romantic, quiet, and sophisticated."